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  Universal List - The Easy Application Builder for DNN  
Universal List Form & Application Builder for DNN dotnetnuke UL Form & Application Builder for DNN dotnetnuke

Universal List is an extension module for DotNetNuke (DNN), the free and open-source web content management system for the ASP.NET framework.

Non-technical website administrators can use Universal List (UL) to build, modify and manage custom, data-driven website applications like Product Catalogs, FAQ lists, Blogs, Product Reviews, Member Lists, Photo Albums, Image Galleries, Information Request Forms, Classified Listings, etc. UL is also used to quickly and easily create, read, update and delete (CRUD) existing tables within a DNN database - from user account details to data created and stored by other modules.

How are you going to use it?

Simple to Use
With no programming, Universal List lets you build complete applications by creating database tables and fields and then modifying the way data is entered, viewed and edited. It also acts as a great data management tool by letting you import, export, add, edit and delete records from any table in your DNN dotnetnuke database.

Once you choose a table in your DNN database, UL automatically builds a data input form, list/grid page and record detail page - each of which is fully customizable using an integrated WYSIWYG text editor or basic HTML/CSS. (If you're unfamiliar with databases, think of an Excel spreadsheet - where the Table is the spreadsheet, a Field is a column, and a Record is a row.)

Powerful, Advanced Features
Universal List is also as powerful and flexible as it is easy to use. Included are a host of advanced features like searching, sorting, security, email notifications, filtering, bulk importing and exporting and other options for displaying data. Best of all UL is built for speed and uses the current AJAX and Javascript technologies to reduce page loads and server refreshes.

Universal List includes these great features:

  • Any existing table in your DNN dotnetnuke SQL database can be used - or you can create your own table. Data is NOT stored in XML format. 
  • Tens of thousands of records can quickly be bulk Imported/Exported using Excel, CSV or XML files.
  • Relational data relationships are supported. Easily link tables and fields to create dropdown lists and let users navigate from table to table for a given record.
  • Default templates can be modified using our simple Tokens and a WYSIWYG text editor or standard HTML & CSS.
  • Control security for each operation (add, edit, delete, upload, export, etc) using Dotnetnuke's Roles infrastructure.
  • Protect sensitive data from being viewed, downloaded or changed by UL users. The Host account can prevent other UL administrators from accessing particular tables within the DNN database.
  • Enjoy fast page loading without refreshes using Javascript and AJAX.
  • Customize Searching, Sorting, Filtering, and Pagination on the List/Grid page.
  • Send email notifications when data is added or changed.
  • Utilize multiple built-in datatypes (Text, Multiline text (with or without WYSIWYG editor), Numeric, Reference, Date, Image, File, and Checkbox).
  • Add unlimited applications to your dotnetnuke website (using new tables or different views of the same tables).
  • Choose a Licensing Option to meet your needs. 1) download and try UL now for free, 2) purchase a domain-specific license to create unlimited applications within DNN dotnetnuke for a single domain, 3) purchase additional domains individually or in packages at discounted rates, or 4) buy a source code / unlimited enterprise license to meet your specific needs.

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