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  Purchase Universal List License(s)  

Flexible Licensing Options
Universal List offers flexible licensing to meet your needs. 

  1. A domain-specific license allows you to create unlimited applications within DNN for a single domain.
  2. Additional domains are available individually or in packages at discounted rates.
  3. unlimited enterprise license is available for those with specific needs.

1. Domain-Specific Licenses
A single-domain license for UL 4.x allows full functionality on a specific domain URL like - including all subdomians like and

Free updates and support for all version 4.x releases and discounts on 5.x versions are included.

To purchase version 4.x of Universal List:

a. Install Free Trial
First download and install the free trial version

b. Purchase Key Code for Each Domain
To upgrade from the trial version to the full version, purchase a license from or 2CheckOut (below) to receive a key code.

c. Activate Keycode
Next, in Universal List on your website, click "Get Full Version" at the top of the screen.

In the box provided, enter the email address you used to purchase the license and the domain name of the website on which you will be using the UL module (without "http://").

The key code will activate Universal List for one domain name.

To change the domain associated with your license, please contact CookDNN.

Purchase Single Domain at Snowcovered
USD 80.00
Purchase Single Domain at 2CheckOut
USD 80.00

2. Additional Domains
Additional domains can be purchased for USD 14.99 each.

Purchase Additional Domains at 2CheckOut
USD 14.99

3. Enterprise Version
A complete unlimited domain enterprise version of Universal List 4.x is also available. This also includes
free updates and support for all version 4.x releases and discounts on 5.x versions.

NOTE: CookDNN will not support future compatibility with customer-implemented customizations to the codebase.


Purchase Unlimited Enterprise
Version at 2CheckOut

USD 299.00



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