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  Universal List  Universal List Version 4.x  My requirement...
 My requirement
 10/11/2011 9:37:25 AM
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My requirement
My question is specific for me and my website. Sorry if it's of no interest to anyone else, but I want to be sure the module will do what I need it to do. My requirement is to maintain a list of judges reports, as an index to the full judges report. The list will contain – Date of Show, Name of Show, Name of Judge, Name of Class, the date report added / modified, and by whom (i.e. which user). The report to be a WYSIWYG /Rich Text report (with optionally a picture of the winners). Users can add the reports themselves and the reports appear in the list automatically. Users can amend their reports after they’ve been added. The reports can be searched (preferably by on screen search boxes) for a typed in name. Or via DNN search.
  Universal List  Universal List Version 4.x  My requirement...
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